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By David Kenney
Sanity Check Podcast Host…available now

If you are a founder cogitating over your pitch deck, stop. Pitch decks are a waste of time for start-ups.

Yes, many companies get funded with exquisitely designed pitch decks and slick Founders.

Journalists love a wonderful story on a successful funding…

Fight, Fright or Flight … remember we are one big Family.

At the top of a mountain or in deep despair, we crave and are drawn to leadership.

DK’s Quick Quiz: What should we expect from ourselves?

We are all outside our comfort zone so need to be diligent with…

What do COVID-19 and Retailers have in common?

Business as usual feels good…but it won’t cut it in 2020 (and a lot more than you might think).

The first news in my day comes from the ABC News feed. Unfortunately, there is hardly much good news. New deaths arising from…

This blog is for experiential learners who are ready to diagnose the career they will have beyond the next 5 years.

A quick DK quiz: How do we learn the most important skills in life?

  1. Reading about them
  2. Seeing them performed or
  3. By using them?

Next Question:

If the answer…

Of every piece of chicken sold across the world, one has a brand. With its 11 secret herbs and spices, KFC has brand power. Did somebody say KFC?

Podcasters, there’s good news and some bad news. Podcasts are like startups. This is not the good news. It's just a fact…

Connect with every sense
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If YouTube success is anything to go by, when it comes to how we like our stories, sit up and take a listen to ASMR.

The What: ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

What is it? For starters, it’s a huge wave of subscribers rushing in to soothe, nurture, induce sleep…

How to think Better: In 30 days a minute
Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash

8 Tips to ACTUALLY Improve Your Thinking

*Try this for 30 minutes a day

Announcing to the world your goals at this time of year is a habit for some. You feel ‘halfway there’ when you announce to someone you are going to start working out, playing the guitar or acquiring any new skill. Telling people your…

I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with the title Mentor. Eight years ago I joined a group of extremely smart and accomplished people. Many of them now dear friends, had built and sold a business.

Initially, I felt awkward. Helping build cohorts of high growth companies and their founders was…

Storytelling has always been a skill. Today, it is your ticket to whatever you want to achieve.

Sitting around the campfire reflecting on victories, purpose or hunger galvanised a tribe.

In 2019, the impact of storytelling is much the same, but the scale of the tribe is exponential. Make no…

Clinical research and the Pharmaceutical industry have vast layers of complexity.

The intricate process (and phenomenal costs) involved to bring a drug to market make this an almost impenetrable barrier to entry.

Despite the immense revenue, value and resources this industry possesses, no company is immune from (or in this…

David Kenney

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